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3 Things to NEVER do for Weight Loss

Why is weight loss so hard? First of all what you need to address is WHY you gained it in the first place. It isn't just "ate too much" or "don't exercise" it's much more. 

It's about balancing hormones, and more importantly, NOT following the trendy fads that you see everywhere.

For starters....take a look at the 3 things to NEVER do when you are trying to lose weight...

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Lose Weight and Restore Energy

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

3 Things to NEVER do for Weight Loss

Do you keep trying the latest weight loss "tricks" that your friends try and can't seem to lose weight? Or, maybe you lost weight and then immediately gained it back? That is common and I'm here to tell you that it isn't your fault.

The media acts like all you have to do is try this new cleanse or this new fad, and might lose weight...temporarily. But ladies...(and some dudes) the scale means nothing.

What matters is that you set your body up for FATLOSS. Not muscle loss or water loss. Those are temporary.

There are practices that I am blown away that people tell me about every day, and after 20+ years in the nutrition and fitness industry....I  feel bad that the only measurement of "success" is their scale.... 

The scale does not tell you how you feel.
It does not tell you how your skin looks, or your eyes look.
It does not tell you if you are energized or exhausted.
It does not tell you if you are full, or starving, constipated, or regular.
Most of all, it does not tell you if you are tight, firm and fit, or skinny, flabby and weak. 

The scale lies. So does the idea that if you "detox" with a quick will be fit and feel amazing. 

It is a false sense of "winning' when you look at it and it says you "lost weight."

Want to get on the road to PREPARE your body and your hormones and to balance your body so that you can raise your metabolic rate AND keep the weight off?


Searching and sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health, wellness and energy so we can live long and strong (while looking sexy!)

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