Friday, November 21, 2014

If You Want a Nice Butt, Stop Doing this ONE Thing

At 55 years old, people still think I have a nice butt. Yeah, that's right. A round, and firm one I might add. You want to know why it's still round and firm? Because I stopped being the cardio queen that I was in my 30's. I used to do hours upon hours of mindless cardio. That was actually when I was that flabbiest ever.

Then I took up weight lifting and bodyweight training. Started doing things like squats, lunges, deadlifts. Then started adding a little weight. Then as my buns started to rise and the weight started to fall off, I stopped doing cardio as my only means of working out. Added a kettlebell here and there, a jump rope, and maybe some dumbbells.

Now, I do short intense bouts of exercise. 20 minutes. Sweating, with my heart beating and my muscles burning. Not like the 1-2 hours a day, 6 days a week shit. I do the stuff that matters now.

And I can still say that at over 50, I still have a butt that people comment on!.

Want to have the tightest and firmest buns ever? Mark your calendar. Your New Years Resolution can be to have firm and tight buns, less fat, and to eat more! What? Yeah, I'll explain that in my e-book, FINAL FAT MELTDOWN


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cardio or Weights. Which one Should you do First?

Hello Fitness Fanatics!

If you are like me, (and I know you are since you are reading this...) you probably have wondered at one time or another..."which should I do first"...cardio, or weights?

There are many schools of though on this subject as there are with all things fitness related. What makes sense to me is that there will never be just one way to get the fittest. There are too many factors to think about. However, since the most common goal is overall better fitness, fat loss, and feeling good, I will give you some info on that. 

Now, if you are training for mass and size, you will most likely not be doing cardio. You are trying to keep every bit of your hard earned muscle tissue. You will be eating a ton of protein and carbs, but that is a subject for another e-mail, so I won't go into that!

If you are training for an event...a Tough Mudder, a GoRuck, a Marathon or something like that....that is also another e-mail..or, see past posts on the subject. Sure you can do this kind of workout below, but you also obviously have to train doing what your event involves....see other posts.

Now back to the main topic of which to do first for an average person that wants to get leaner, fitter, have more endurance and feel great....mix the 2 together. Cardio and Weights.

Studies have shown (and I have read hundreds, maybe more) that when you workout in either an interval fashion with weights, in circuits and with get the best of all mentioned, fat loss, and endurance.

Now for an even better outcome that burns calories for up to 48 hours after a workout session?
Do your cardio in between your weight lifting in the same session.

Here is a great example of a workout I did yesterday!

20 Jumping Jacks
10 Bodyweight Squats
10 Push Ups

rest 30 seconds minute

Jump Rope for 2 minutes

rest 1 minute

Barbell Squats
Barbell Deadlifts

rest 1 minute

Run to fence in back of gym

rest 30 seconds 

Chest Press
Push Ups

rest 30 seconds 

Jump rope for 2:00 minutes

rest for 1 minute

Chin Ups
Standing Rope Rows

rest 30 seconds
Run to Fence

rest 1 minute

Repeat 1 X

This workout is done with minimal rest. The entire workout takes about 35 minutes and will leave you spent and sweaty. Workouts like this can be done 2-3 times weekly. The cardio is in between the lifting. The lifting is done in a moderate pace with moderate weights that can be lifted 6-8 times. This entire workout can be repeated 2 times for maximum calorie burn that keeps on burning long after the workout is done!

Research shows that this is the most efficient way to get lean, build up your endurance and feel great about yourself!! Endorphins here we come!

This is my favorite way to work out ever!! 

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

3 Best Weight Loss Tips!

I have been if the fitness industry for over 20 years. I live a fitness lifestyle and I used to be fat. I was a cardio queen and lived on tuna sandwiches. Those days are over and I am leaner and more energized than ever!

Here are my 3 Best Weight Loss Tips.

1. Eat more protein.

2. Eat more plants. Plants contain fiber.

3. Exercise to put on muscle.

If you feel like you are already doing this and NOT getting the right results, your body needs a specific plan, stay tuned.....

This is just a brief sample of the detailed plan that will be coming out when I launch my E-Book. This plan will have you losing weight, getting strong, and NEVER following a diet again.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Gym Rescue. Does Your Gym AND Your Trainer Meet Your Needs?

I am not a TV watcher at all. Sure, maybe in the Winter or when we can't look at my laptop for another minute, my husband and I watch International House Hunters every once in a while. Last night was actually the first time I ever watched a show called Gym Rescue.

These are the exact shows that make people not do anything with their lives but watch others on TV.
Are these shows for real? Are these REAL people in real life situations? They can't be! 

Of course we were roped in to this show because we ARE gym owners. Might I add that we are gym owners that spend hours and hours daily looking at how to train others in the most efficient way to get the best benefits in the most enthusiastic of ways. While coaching people to be their strongest and leanest, we have a blast! This gym on the show was anything but.

It had to be fake. No-one (let alone they had 100 members) could possibly pay to go to a place like this. It was a Women's only gym in Colorado. The funny thing (none of it was funny by the way) was that when we were in Colorado, pretty much everyone was amazingly fit. It was a far and few between sight to see anyone that was overweight or just completely unhealthy looking. Let alone the owner of a gym!

Last night's show was Gym Rescue where Randy Coture and Frank Shamrock both of Mixed Martial Arts fame were going in to a gym that needed rescuing. The ownder was an extremely crass, loud, unprofessional and overweight, rude, unhealthy looking owner/trainer/coach. She was the epitome of what most women would NEVER want to look or act like. She and her staff were about to lose this 2500 Sq. Foot gym due to not having a clue as to what the public wants.  

A client would come in and the owner would put on a CD on a loud speaker that counted seconds until she did the next exercise. All of the exercises were done on machines that I haven't seen in years. While the owner was looking around at everything except for the client, she was telling one of the girls at the desk that she had to use the graphic detail. She and her staff laughed behind the clients back at "inside jokes"..then would leave the person sitting there not sure what to do next!  I was appalled! The next horror was the "group" class that was extreme chaos, and looked like everyone was either bored, confused, or ready to get hurt. 

My point is this. If you are looking for a gym to be part of remember that there are a lot of choices. The first thing you want is to get results and be treated right, Secondly , here is the list of the things that I used to look for when hiring trainers, and picking gyms.  (We now make sure that we provide this for our clients and take each one as seriously as the next. That is why we love what we do!)

Checklist when looking at a new gym....

1.  Trainers are certified and fit/have a background in fitness/ and practice it themselves.
2. Trainers have knowledge in sports training/strength training/ endurance/ and functional strength training and can train anyone for these in classes or individually.
3.  Gym is an atmosphere of motivation/dedication/ and members that empower one another.
4.  Clean/easy to access equipment that is safe, and updated.
5.  Friendly and personable staff. Helpful for beginners and advanced patrons.
6.  Up to date training and ideas that keep the atmosphere lively, safe, and engaging.
7.  Coaching that pushes you past your perceived  limits and makes you aware of how powerful and able of a body that you can create!
8.  Coaches that are able to answer questions about any fitness and nutrition goals.

When I speak of these traits, I not only speak of the gyms I have belonged to in the past, but the one that my husband Craig and I own now.

In the Troy Michigan area? Click on the link above and check us out!

No Rescue needed here!!

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