Weight gain from Diabetes?

Posted: February 5, 2019

Managing your weight is hard. For those that have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or are Diabetic, it is an even harder struggle. Weight gain from Diabetes is often misunderstood.

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It isn’t your fault that you have been mislead. It’s normal to be confused about what to eat these days, and how to lose weight. It seems that every year a new trendy diet is on the market. And, it works for everyone except you! (am I right?)

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Do you know that certain foods if eaten at night can help your body burn off belly fat? I don’t mean following some diet that everyone else is following…I mean following what works with YOUR hormones.

Diabetes IS all about the production of hormones and how they affect our bodies. Not only our bodies, but our mental state AND our entire lives

Any diagnosis of a disease can send our minds reeling. Weight gain from diabetes is typical, but can change. I want to change that for you, and your family. I want to give you access to a series that will give you proven, actionable steps to the best health ever.

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