Raising your Energy Levels

Posted: March 23, 2018

Most of us wish we had more energy. Energy to have fun. Energy to work out. Energy to cook healthy meals. Energy to get through the day. So why is raising your energy levels so hard these days?

If one wish were granted. It would be that we would all know how to raise our energy levels without another cup of coffee. Without going to bed at 8 pm, and without quitting our jobs right? No, seriously. I am a realist and I want to help you with some overlooked tips.

I am known as “the energizer bunny.” I follow a certain “blueprint” that keeps me lively, energized and vital. It is one that I share with the people in my life so that they can feel, move and look better. Age is not the biggest issue, neither are hormones. Those things can be balanced with simple daily steps.

Steps as in eating more veggies. Drinking more water. Taking supplements when food is not enough. Drinking less coffee and less alcohol. Planning to feel vital.

As a gym owner and coach, I want to help people. We start with food, then we move to the quality of sleep. And, the quantity. Some of us sleep a lot but don’t really feel rested. Some of us are eating healthy, but not enough. Are you cutting too many calories? Are you exercising too much and too often? There really is such a thing you know, and what we used to think about exercise can actually do more harm than good.

Raising energy levels starts with a positive outlook on the future. That begins with a plan. You’ve planned for retirement right? Let’s plan for the future of a healthy body that lives long and strong.  A body that has the “oomph” to keep up with day to day jobs, the kids and then later…the grandkids!

This starts with balancing hormones. Eating foods that are nutrient loaded. Getting the right amount of sleep in the right kind of room…and doing “just enough exercise” to ward off aging.

Still confused? Energize your body with my age-proof plan.


Coach Dawn