Nutrient Timing – Eating for Weight Loss

Posted: March 27, 2018

Hormones have everything to do with weight loss, and nutrient timing is the best way to manipulate that.

It’s hard to imagine that you can eat to lose weight. With years of cutting calories and entire food groups, most of us are completely confused as to why we are gaining weight and frustrated.

Nutrient timing is not about cutting calories or strict food elimination. It is, a way to eat so that your food is used for energy, instead of being stored as fat. This is especially useful if you are going through menopause or have a thyroid disorder that does not respond to other diet methods.

The idea behind nutrient timing is that you eat your highest carbohydrate meals before and after exercise. That way, the calories are used to replenish glycogen and rebuild your muscles after a workout, while giving you the energy before…to get in a good exercise session.

The biggest factor in nutrient timing versus counting calories is that you are never hungry. Not only never hungry… but never tired, and never wanting to binge.

Imagine eating foods you love, and having the energy to exercise? Now…add in the fact that your hormones are going to work in your favor to burn off the calories and you have a body that is ready to lose weight instead of hoarding it.

This method of eating is used for bodybuilding and anyone that wants to maintain lean muscle tissue while losing weight from fat. This is also a great way to ward off hormones that cause fat gain during menopause, and with thyroid issues.

Many women going through hormonal changes cannot seem to lose weight with other methods. Please check out the benefits of nutrient timed meals that are super tasty, and workouts that will burn off fat.


and say goodbye to menopause belly, excess hormonal fat gain, and reboot that sluggish metabolism from your last diet that didn’t work!

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