Female Health and Hormone Summit

Posted: September 24, 2018

Female health is much more complicated than men’s. Although men have hormones, it isn’t a common conversation that you’ll hear them talk about. Female health and hormones are a tricky subject! This is why I am super excited to invite all the ladies to the FREE Women’s health and hormone summit.

If you act quickly, you can register on this site by clicking a blue link and watch the summit for free.  You’ll be able to watch a panel of experts from healers, to medical doctors, advocates in brain, aging, and thyroid health and more.

I just watched one of the videos the other day and was blown away at the women’s health and hormone information that was beneficial. So beneficial, that I took 7 pages of notes.
I might add that I have been the “go to” person for years and my friends and family call me “Dr. Dawn” and call me for advice on health and wellness.

This is why the one interview I’ve watched so far was SO powerful, that I knew I had to share this with women around the globe.

Women’s health is tricky. As women, we take on too much, but do to little to keep us well, and functioning optimally.

In the Female Hormone Fix Summit, you will be able to watch key speakers dial in tips and advice so that you can take control of your wellness, AND your female hormones. You will be armed with knowledge to take action on, AND with questions that you can ask your medical practitioner to help you achieve the best of hormone health.

Whether you are pre, post or in the middle of menopause you will find help. Whether you have an autoimmune disorder or a thyroid problem, you will find answers to female hormones that you never knew about!

Please join me in the quest for optimal hormone health and SIGN UP FOR FREE and get an exciting helpful gift WHEN YOU CLICK HERE for the FEMALE HORMONE FIX SUMMIT.

Remember. Knowledge is power and taking action on it is where your new and vital life begins.