Reducing Chronic Pain Naturally

Posted: July 22, 2019

At some point, we all have taken some form of pain medication. Unfortunately, they all come with side effects. For headaches, belly aches, and joint or back pain I want to introduce you to Reducing Chronic Pain Naturally. This advancement in medical science is a breakthrough that will change your life. What if you could … Continued

Collagen for Optimal Health

Posted: July 19, 2019

Collagen could be thought of as the “glue” of our entire structures. From hair to skin and nails, tendons, bones, joint health and more…Collagen for optimal health is necessary. When we age, we lose the ability to produce the necessary components that keep us looking and feeling younger. As we get older, our bodies are … Continued

Protein for Cancer Prevention

Posted: July 18, 2019

Cancer is all around us. From family members to friends, neighbors, and coworkers. There are articles everywhere about how to ward off and/or rid your body of Cancer. Protein for Cancer Prevention is something new to me. I love science. I love to learn about how the body works, but I am more fascinated when … Continued

Probiotics for Weight Loss

Posted: July 17, 2019

By now you know that probiotics are a must. Probiotics are great for gut health, balancing mood, and probiotics for weight loss are now helping thousands. We used to think that is was only what we ate. Now we are aware that it’s how we digest what we ate. If our guts are in trouble … Continued

Thinnest People on Earth

Posted: July 16, 2019

Why is it that in the US, most people are obese? There’s a reason. And that reason can be found when you visit the thinnest people on earth and find out what they are doing right, and we are doing wrong! Eating is a favorite way to connect with family and friends in most European … Continued

6-Pack Abs Created by Doctor

Posted: July 15, 2019

Are you trying to get 6-pack abs but you think those days are behind you? You know why? Because what you are doing doesn’t work. Most of us do sit-ups, crunches and try dieting to get ripped. Not only do they not work…they can harm you in the process. I’m sure you’ve heard the line, … Continued

Flat 6-Pack Abs Fast

Posted: July 15, 2019

Lean stomachs and a firm belly are a sign of youth. Why do you think they named it Flat 6-Pack Abs Fast in the first place LOL! Actually. Most people go about trying to get leaner and flatter abs. As I’m sure you can see if you look down at your belly…sit ups are not … Continued

Metabolic Breakthrough Blasts Fat

Posted: July 12, 2019

Hormones dictate way too many things as we age. From brain fog to sleepless nights and bad moods right? I’ve created a metabolic breakthrough that blasts fat fast! I used to do hours of cardio and eat diet foods. Only to gain weight and get flabbier. I was doing what all of my friends did. … Continued

Female Over 40 Fat Loss

Posted: July 12, 2019

After 40, it seems our bodies hate us. Especially if we are female, right?Over 40 Fat loss seems impossible. When we rely on the methods that used to work… we get stuck. We must adapt to a new way of eating, AND a new way of exercise. Doing hours of cardio? You are not alone. … Continued

Gut Health and Weight Loss

Posted: July 12, 2019

Inside of your gut lies trillions of good belly bugs that ward off a host of health issues. Your gut health and weight loss are synonymous. Are you ready to discover how to ward off disease, and fighting digestive disorders? Your microbiome is responsible! These little “internal bugs” are in charge of how well we … Continued