Live Longer and Happier with 5 Steps

Posted: April 16, 2019

There are places in the world, where there are more centenarians than anywhere else in the world. That means people that live to be 100. This is not by accident. That’s why I want you to have this post so you can Live Longer and Happier with 5 Steps. Now you may think “why would … Continued

Mediterranean Diet Reviewed by US News

Posted: April 8, 2019

The Mediterranean Diet reviewed by the US News showed why this is the way to eat to ward off disease and obesity while living longer, happier lives! I don’t follow a diet with a name. I don’t follow trends, fasts, cleanses or what anyone else is doing.I do however eat a lot of veggies, drink … Continued

Lose Weight and Reclaim Your Body

Posted: April 4, 2019

Most women have spent a large part of their lifetimes either dieting, or obsessing about food. Food is not the enemy, and it isn’t your fault that you have failed at weight loss. Today I’m going to introduce you to a free summit that will coach you on how to lose weight and reclaim your … Continued

How to Heal Fatigue

Posted: April 4, 2019

Are you tired, or are you downright exhausted? Is it from not enough sleep or is it something that you just can’t figure out? I want to share an ENERGY BLUEPRINT on how to heal your fatigue. Fatigue can creep up unexpectedly…or it can slam you in the middle of a day. Even if you … Continued

Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?

Posted: April 4, 2019

No two bodies are alike. That makes us beautiful creatures, and very unique. Celebrities parade around with perfect bodies, noses, skin and hair. Many of us wish we looked like them. You may have wondered if cosmetic surgery is right for you? From botox, to veneers, breast argumentation and flat bellies…the possibilities are endless. Walking … Continued

How can Women Build Lean Muscle Tissue?

Posted: April 3, 2019

Most women try dieting to change their shape. All that does is make you a smaller, flabbier version of the you from before. Muscle raises metabolisms, so your question should not be how can I lose weight. It should be how can women build lean muscle tissue. Ever see a guy eat just a salad … Continued

Fight Fatigue with the Energy Blueprint

Posted: April 1, 2019

Weight gain and energy levels are more complex then just eating right. Sure we need to cut out sugar and processed foods, but what if you have and the weight that won’t budge? If you do, you’ll want to Fight Fatigue with the Energy Blueprint!   If you are like most people over 40, then you’re exhausted, don’t … Continued

8 New Uses for Injectables

Posted: March 26, 2019

Injectables as in Botox, and fillers are seen on nearly every face in Hollywood. However, there are uses that you may not know about that have more to do than with beauty! Check out 8 New Uses for Injectables in this new article here. As one of the greatest medical and cosmetic tools in at … Continued