Black Friday Body Transformation Special

Posted: November 23, 2018

Besides Black Friday…what about your upcoming New Years Resolution? Why wait? Today is the day to take advantage of my Black Friday Body Transformation Special NOW!

I have been a weight loss, body transformation special expert for 20+ years! I own a gym where women get lean, get firm, and become energized and powerful!

You know what happens next? The husbands get on board and see that it isn’t about eating diet foods or doing hours of cardio. And…it’s not about spending hours going to the gym and not knowing what to do to get results.

Today is the kickoff day of my weekend limited time discount on all of the digital products that have been tools to success.

If you are sick of your hormones taking over (male or female), and you want results that last, then I have options for you that are going to make you forget a New Years Resolution.

Click on one of the links below and see how I not only transformed my own body…but many others.

You don’t need to follow a trendy diet that omits foods and entire groups of foods. I promise to give you tools that are do-able and realistic no matter what your age or lifestyle is.

That is the key. You want your body transformation to be a lifestyle that lasts and that you can adapt to YOU.

I love to say that I don’t follow a diet with a name on it because it doesn’t have MY name on it! That’s how you should look at your relationship with food as well.

Learn to love food, and what it can do for you and take my tools that will torch off fat and burn calories so that you can feel and look better than ever!



FINAL FAT MELTDOWN- 30 Days to Weight Loss.

20 minute follow along workout videos and grocery lists/meal plans and more!

7 Minute Ageless Body Secret

Full body workouts done in 7 Minutes to sculpt your most troublesome spots

21 Day Ageless Energy Meal Plan

Meals, recipes and grocery lists for a superbody that eats superfoods

The Thyroid Factor

For those that feel their hormones, thyroid, and adrenals are unbalanced. This program will give you tools to take control of your health, know how to speak to a doctor about it, with workouts and meal plans to soothe a distressed body that needs to be revived!

Take advantage of these offers for the best YOU ever!