Beautycounter – Toxin Free Skincare, Makeup, Body Care

Posted: May 5, 2018

If you care about what you put in your body, then you should care about what you put on your body. Beautycounter, toxin-free skincare, makeup and body care is free of 1,500 harmful chemicals. In the U.S. the regulations are so light, that we are the only country that allows certain chemicals to be used in products that go onto our skin.

Our soil, air and our food, is tainted with ingredients that make us sick, have cancer and promote disease. There are ingredients that are so harmful, they are considered carcinogens. That means they have been shown in studies to cause cancer.

I exercise daily and eat organic and free range meals. I juice with organic juices and use essential organic oils to keep myself and my family healthy. This is what lead me to think. Why am I putting chemicals and toxic ingredients ONTO my skin? What could I use that is proven to be in line with what I believe about my health, wellness and the prevention of disease? Beautycounter!

Beautycounter was introduced to me by a very enlightened and naturally beautiful woman. She said when she used the products, she, first of all, was surprised by how beautiful they were, and made her look and feel. Secondly, she thought of me!

As a woman that has a thyroid disorder and is over 55, I am passionate about taking care of my hormones and don’t want anything to get in the way of disrupting them. Makeup and skincare is at the top of the list of things that can alter hormones, and cause disease.

I urge you to click on the link here >>> BEAUTYCOUNTER toxin-free skincare, makeup, and body care and see for yourself the beautiful products that you’ll surely want to put on your skin and into your life!