Beautycounter – Non Toxic Skincare

Posted: April 10, 2018

Detoxifying can happen in many ways. From eliminating toxins in foods to reducing exposure to what we put ON our bodies. Our largest organ is our skin and that’s why I am choosing Beautycounter Non-Toxic Skincare.

With thousands of hormone disruptors in skincare creams, shampoos, and even children’s¬†products, we must take action. If overall health and wellness is your goal, why should you sacrifice your beauty? With Beautycounter, you don’t have to anymore. Every product is safe, and with the highest standards in non-toxic skincare you will find.

Products ranging from makeup kits to skin care…beautifying oils and creams and more. Essential plants and tested ingredients are the newest way to prevent aging and stay healthy. Detoxify your body, AND your skincare regimen so you can look and feel like you are aging backward.

I have looked for skincare lines that were non-toxic, but unfortunately, the makeup lines were made poorly. With Beautycounters pallets, there are options for all skin tones and types.

Check out the wide variety of oils and serums, skincare and body care so that you can stop aging in its tracks and undo any past damage.

Did you know that coal is used in nearly all makeup that has a dark brown or black coloring in it, and is considered a carcinogen? Why would you put that ON your body every day when you can find eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadows make chemical free?

Click the link and start reducing your exposure to chemicals as you lift of years of aging with BEAUTYCOUNTER.