Herb Burns Belly Fat

Posted: February 27, 2019

Mother nature didn’t want us to be overweight. That’s why she put vegetables and herbs on our planet for us to live healthy and active lives. Since ancient times, there are herbs that have been used to revive and energize. However, this herb burns belly fat!

Recently, this ancient herb was tested on subjects at The University of Kansas. Several women and men took a placebo. And the rest took the herb that was featured on Dr. Oz last year.

Not only did the subjects lose weight from around their belly’s, they also kept the muscle tissue that usually is spared with weight loss!

Forskolin is the powerful herb I am talking about. Now, don’t go rushing out to the store to buy some. There are several types of this herb, and not all of them have the powers you need to reduce excess belly fat.

This is actually a specific type of the herb that blocks fat production and “coaxes” your body to burn belly fat without hours of exercise. Forget cutting out food groups to lose weight! We were meant to eat a variety of foods to sustain our energy levels.


Now of course you cannot sit on the couch and eat ice cream and watch the fat melt away by taking a pill. However, if you’ve got even a little motivation and are trying to eat better. This ancient herb could be the little kickstart your sluggish metabolic rate needs!

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Coach Dawn